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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seeing Cameo again

This morning I went over to Hollis to the SMDA show so I could catch an old friend in action. Cameo, a mix-breed mare we raisedwebassets/Cameo_0918.jpg and sold last October, was performing in her first training level 1 class. We bought that mare in the fall of 2006 based solely on the way she moved -- beautiful, floating gaits that are breathtaking to watch -- and gave her what work we could (which wasn't enough) to bring her along. We learned a lot from her about what can happen when a young horse isn't given a good start, because it was clear to us that someone had mishandled her. She was flighty and easily frightened, and she escalated into unmanageable behavior very quickly. In the end, we had to start from ground zero with her, teaching her as if she were a yearling. This is how you pick up your feet. This is how you stand for the vet. This is how you lead, follow, have your halter put on. She came a long way in the three years we had her, but we were never able to give her the kind of time she really needed to thrive. When I sold her to Tiffany Tarbox last year, I knew she'd get that time. And that what she'd blossom into would be spectacular.

And it is. She is GORGEOUS. Still high strung, but controlled now, willing to listen, mature. As time passes, with training, she'll only get better. In the ring she was a little uncertain, but she was listening to her rider and that's a great thing to see.

When we sell horses, we try very hard to get them into homes where they'll be well treated and get the work and attention they need. I feel as though we've done pretty well in that respect here -- Bessie, Cameo, Pete, and Stevie all have homes now where I strongly believe they will reach their fullest potential. I feel both proud and blessed to have been able to help them along their journey. It's especially gratifying to be able to see how they've flourished.

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